From $80k Chaos to $40k Clarity: Why I Ditched My Agency for Remote Closing

Hustling Backwards? How Remote Closing Tripled My Earnings While Cutting My Stress in Half!

6/3/20232 min read

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The Power of Remote Closing:How One Skill Changed My Life

Back in the day, I was hustling hard, running an agency that was pulling in a cool $80k every month. Sounds like the dream, right? But here's the twist - I was only pocketing a meager $8k per month from that. The math wasn't adding up.

Picture this: late nights, overwhelming responsibilities, and a truckload of skills I had to master overnight. I was juggling everything from marketing, sales, customer service, team management, ad campaigns, to product creation. And let's not even get started on the headaches and endless challenges that came with it.

Then, I peeped game on some of my buddies in the biz. These cats were raking in $20k to $40k per month as Remote Closers. No product creation, no paying for ads, no complicated funnels, and zero customer service or fulfillment drama. Just one skill – closing deals.

And guess what? This wasn't just any regular sales gig. These were high-ticket, transformational offers. Imagine the rush of closing a $20k deal and having a customer thank YOU for it!

You see, in this specific niche, especially on the business side, one can pull in hefty commissions – we're talking $2k off a single transaction. So, if you're eyeing that $20k per month dream, you're just about 10 clients away from it. And with the right training, which we've got covered, that's just 5-10 conversations per week.

Beyond the moolah, the perks were unreal. Being my own boss, setting my own hours, working from anywhere, and let’s not forget, those sweet six-figure sums at the end of the year.

Agency Overload Vs. Remote Closing Zen: My Unexpected Journey to the Top of the Sales Game

So, I pivoted. Ditched the agency life and its overwhelming demands. Embraced the simplicity and efficiency of focusing on one skill. Result? A refreshing sense of clarity and more bank than I ever made with my agency. I scaled my earnings, went from $30k to $40k monthly, and eventually funneled that into launching my own venture.

Now, don't get it twisted. I ain't sharing my story to flex on y'all. Nah, this is about showing you the power of the journey you're about to start. My path, from agency chaos to remote closing zen, is proof that you can simplify your hustle, amplify your earnings, and live life on your terms.

Feeling trapped in the daily grind? Overwhelmed by the chaos of mastering too many skills at once? If you're searching for that game-changing move, Remote Closing could be your golden opportunity.

The question is, where do you see yourself heading from here? I'm here to lay out the blueprint, to guide you step-by-step, and to help you avoid the pitfalls I encountered on my journey. But let's be clear: this path isn't a leisurely stroll. It requires true dedication, relentless effort, and an unwavering desire to succeed.

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