Early Life

I grew up poor. I'm from a rough area of Los Angeles, CA. I was the only white dude in a latino barrio with nothing but cholos, crack cocaine, and a few skaters, and a few crips. Growing up I was always looking for a way out. . I just wanted to make music and throw parties and travel the world and be an international playboy like James Bond. After a life of hustlin' and getting into trouble I ended up working a 9-5 job. I felt trapped...

Chris Campbell Remote Closing Certification
Chris Campbell Remote Closing Certification



As a music artist, I never wanted to be what they call a "starving artist" so I always tried to hustle and come up with different types of hustles. After getting into trouble I ended up in a typical 9-5 job. I was trapped in the matrix. A few years ago, I plotted my escape, I cut my puppet strings, stopped dancing in the puppet show, and now I claimed my throne and I do what the fuck I want. I live life on my own terms!



After I cracked the code, I ended up traveling the world, and left the US, found my own little slice of paradise where I throw dope parties surrounded by gorgeous women and my brothers who have my back. Now I make more in one month than I used to make in a year. And my life's work as been helping other men do the same!